2013 Deep Scholarships Winners






Scott Barnhart received the:

 John M. & Inez Briggs Memorial (2)

 Stuart and Jeanne Wilson 

 Nancy and George Shirkey

Maris Bergman received the:

 John Joscelyn Memorial

 Vern Clark Memorial 

 Walter "Tommy" Tucker Memorial

 Yi Teing Cheung received the:

 Ray Joscelyn (2)

 Eugene Monroe memorial

 Edith Neale Valedictorian

 Myrlin L. & Elizabeth M. Page

 Lobdell Family 


Justina Ellis received the:

 Arthur Hamlin memorial (2)

 S. Fenton & Ethel Busfield Memorial (2)

 Carroll "Bill" Potter Memorail (2)

 Helen Holmes Swart 

Heidi Faulkner received the:

 DCS Student Educational Loan & Alumni Fund (2)

 Green Thumb Garden Club (2)

 Kenneth M. Axtell Jr. Foundation (2)

 Fred Fox Memorial 

 Ruth Fox Memorial

 Doug Lobdell Memorial


Yelta Feringa received the:

 DCS Student Loan & Alumni Fund Scholarship (2)

 Thomas Schultz Memorial 

 Norbord Industries

 Austin S. & Katherine L. Retzer Memorial


Julie Fineout received the:

 Rotary (2)

 Justin K. Buchanan Memorial


William Lester received the:

 John M. & Inez Briggs Memorial (2)

 Lumberjack Festival

 Carroll "Bill" Potter

 Buchanan Family- Justin W. Buchanan



Marisa McNamara received the:

 Verner & Clella Kelly Memorial (2)

 David Tucker 

 The Stones

 Robert Hanson Memorial

Kayla Miller received the:

 Paul C. Buck Memorial (2)

 Kamp Family Trust 

 Kenneth M. Jr. & Joan B. Axtell

 McCabe hollow Sportsman Club


Samantha Mills received the:

 John M. & Inez Briggs Memorial (2)

 Carroll "Bill" Potter Memorial (2)

 Gwen Joscelyn

 Daniel Barnes Memorial

Kimberly Newman received the:

 Laurence G. Bilow Memorial

 DCS Student Educational loan & Alumni Fund(2)

 Lumberjack Festival

 John Douglas Conklin& James Clinton Conklin

 DCS Student Educational loan & Alumni Fund

Harmony Seymour received the:

 Pete & Pauline Adams (2)

 DCS Loan & Alumni Fund (2)

 Janet Potter Memorial

 Kenneth M. & Sylvia F. Axtell  


Amberly Warner received the:

 John M. & Inez Briggs (2)

 Dorothy Smith Memorial



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Please consider making tax-deductible contribution yourself.  If you would like to make a donation in someone’s behalf and/or want to make college more affordable for students of the Deposit Central School District please send it to.

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