D.E.E.P. -- Deposit Educational Endowment Program – is a not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)(3)

 status formed in 1985 for the sole purpose of granting scholarships to graduating students of the

 Deposit Central School District (New York).  

D.E.E.P. is funded solely by tax-deductible contributions

 from individuals, organizations, and charitable foundations. The operating organization of D.E.E.P.

 is a volunteer Board of Directors composed of community members, professionals and retired people.

 Each of these individuals has an interest in making higher learning affordable for the graduating 

students of the Deposit Central School District.

There are two types of Scholarships, all of which exist in the name of people or an organization.

A one year Scholarship has at least five thousand dollar investment and a two year scholarship has

 at least  ten thousand dollar investment.

All donations of whatever amount are invested and the annual scholarship amount is determined by

an amount earned by the investment divided by the number of scholarships. The amount for 2014

graduates will be about the same as 2013, $300.

The winners of the two year scholarships have to show they are enrolled in college for the second 

year to receive the second check.

All investments are of low risk to avoid market fluctuations.

The named scholarships can be built up over a period of time and many have a short criteria for the 

choice of student award.


2019 Scholarship Winners

2020 Scholarship Winners

DEEP Board Members